Sunday, April 22, 2012

Believe and practice uprightness

This is the obituary from the death of my Great Great Grandfather.  Oh, how impressed am I by this summary of his life.  When I die I hope that the same can be said of me - that I believed and practiced honesty and uprightness.  How I wish life today was this simple and that we valued a comfortable living and raising a large family of responsible citizens. 


One of Paulding's most respected citizens passed Away 

On Sunday morning at 8 o'clock Mr. Wyatt Lee passed quietly away at his home about seven miles north of Dallas. Mr. Lee has been sick for some time with dropsy; he was  very low in the summer, but improved in the fall and it was hoped and believed that he would regain his health. A few days ago he again grew worse, and on Sunday morning he breathed his last.

Mr. Lee early enlisted in the Confederate States army and, it is said of him by his associates that he was one of the bravest and truest of Confederate soldiers. He was a lieutenant at the close of the war; and since that time he has lived where the beautiful Raccoon valley joins the Raccoon hills on the Acworth and Rockmart road, and there surrounded by the quietude of his country home, he and his good wife have made a comfortable living and raised a large family of children, among whom are our townsmen, Messrs. R. M. , Jesse, Willie Lee and Mrs. Free Hay.

Mr. Lee was a man who believed and practiced honesty and uprightness with his fellow man, and our county could boast of no better citizen.  He will be not a little missed by his many friends, and especially those who lived nearest to him.  We mingle our sympathy with his loved ones.  May the God of Peace comfort and bless them.  The interment took place at High Shoals cemetery Monday afternoon.

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