Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baby Shower Gift Printable

My first printable!!!!!

I attended a baby shower for a friend today and made a printable for her of my favorite poem for kids.  I used Picnik and am bummed it is being discontinued...  What a great fun site!

Here is the printable:

Feel free to copy and use in any way you wish.

And here is how I framed it for her.

I wrote on the back in a pretty silver sharpie and gifted it with some home made "It's a Girl" cards.

I hope she loves this prayer as much as I do.  It has become a mantra of sorts for me.  Every night I head upstairs and check on my girls before I go to sleep.  It's my favorite time kneeling by their bed, brushing their hair off their cheeks, breathing deeply of their sweetness and kissing their soft face.  Then I say this little prayer and head off to bed.  More soothing than any cup of warm milk! 

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  1. Shannon, I love this!! I am going to a baby shower tomorrow and I'm gonna do this for her. We had little boys, so I have never heard this poem, but I love it!!! Hope you don't mind, I'm gonna change the look a little and post my version some time next week with pics of the shower. I'll link back to you for credit!