Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time flies when you're not blogging

I have been flattered lately that a few people have mentioned that they have missed my blog....  I have been taking a break from blogging to "refocus".  During my initial brief blogging effort I learned a tremendous amount about the art and business of blogging but I wasn't finding any satisfaction from writing about the subject matter of crafting and home decorating. 

The last three months I have spent some time (since it was summer - a.k.a. the hardest working time of the year for a mom - I would be lying if I said I spent a LOT of time) thinking of what I might be able to blog about of more significance that could lead me to a future of business, speaking, commentating, writing or some other non-mom specific thing.   I love politics, conservative women's issues, campaigning for family values and pondering the question of how SAHMoms can be productive yet faithful to the goal of being a wife and mom first.  I love business, sales, customer service and industrial psychology.  I also love endeavoring to be a better person, Christian, wife, friend and mom every day.  So - how can I blog about all of that? 

I have not come up with an answer to that question yet but have been overwhelmed with a more pointed question - what are all these other stay at home mom bloggers doing that I'm not doing which allows them the time to do the stuff they are blogging about???!!!!!

Yesterday here was my schedule:
     6:00 to 7:00 up, coffee email, organize for day
     7:00 to 8:30 - get kids ready for school, make breakfast for four, make lunch for three
     8:30 to 11:30 - Trader Joes, Costco, Albertsons runs - at home I cleaned and unpacked groceries
     11:30 to 1:00  Work the hot lunch program at our school
     1:00 to 3:00  - two more errands (bank and to make a return) home, laundry, prep dinner
     3:00 to 6:00 - homework, kids after school classes (a.k.a. mommy taxi time)
     6:00 to 8:30 - dinner, kids to bed, clean, try to fold laundry
     8:30 to  10:00 - review email again, review homework, pay bills, plan for tomorrow.

SO - where was the couple of hours I needed to shop the thrift stores, buy old furniture and refinish it for my furniture blog?  Or how was I to have time to organize the pantry for my big pantry reveal? Much less time to visit the dollar store and craft up some fall wreaths?    Even if I DID want to make a lift blogging about crafting and DIY when in the world would I have the time? 

After an equally busy day today I took twenty minutes to write this post which will undoubtedly have spelling and grammatical errors.  Not to mention how much more efficient a read it would be if I had time to proofread and edit.  But today - that's not gonna happen.  I'm just throwing this out there - spelling errors and all because today - it's the best I can do and today - that is going to have to be enough for me. 

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