Saturday, April 7, 2012

10 Best Tutorial Blogs for Beginner (and advanced) Bloggers

When I started blogging it took me about two months just to learn how to find a blog that would teach me about blogging.

Something about learning to type the word tutorial, blog, wordpress, blogger and HTML that made it all click for me.  Since that time I have found some sites that have helped me immensely.

Blogging with Amy.  I want Amy to be my new best friend.  Of course she doesn't know it yet.  
Her articles about how to start a blog are perfect for a beginner blogger.    When I wanted to make my own blog button her tutorial helped me immensely. 

The best tutorial I have found online has to, hands down, go to Tentblogger on how to maximize your Feedburner settings.  It would have taken me hours to figure out the information he shared in his post. 

Copyblogger.   There are still some posts on Copy blogger that are over my head but I aspire to learn enough to understand everything listed there.  Most recently I enjoyed their blog on 3 Myths of guest writing on Big Blogs. 

The Girl Creative offers blogging tips from a great perspective.  Her crafting tips are pretty darn great also. 

Crafterminds has a long list of articles and great blog resources.  Photography tips, pinterest tips,  technical and design tips and more!

I'm also a big fan of Brent Riggs - founder of Linky Followers and Linky Tools.  He has a lot of blogs including a great personal blog.  His Blog tutorial site is definitely worth reviewing. 

 Blogger Buster
 Daily Blog Tips
 Blog Tutorials 
 Blogging Basics 101 
 Tips for New Bloggers

If all those fail - Google is your best friend.  Search using the words "tutorial" and you will often find what you are looking for!  Good luck and please post any other sites you have found that are good resources!  

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