Friday, March 9, 2012

House Tour begins: 8 year old girl's room

I meet the nicest people on Craig's list.

This week I was selling some rugs and the nicest woman bought them from me.  While talking to her I found out - lo and behold - she was a fellow blogger!  She mentioned that I should be putting my house on my blog.   As I am need of content and wanted to do a home tour page anyway...  Here we go.

Uh oh.  One problem.  Every room I looked to start in wasn't clean or needed some serious refreshing to be camera ready.   So - I'm starting with my kids' room and then I can blame anything disheveled, tacky, messy or dirty on her.  I'm a great mom.  

Day 1 of Home Tour - My 8 year old daughter's room.

The room renovation took place about three years ago - from a little girls room to a bigger girls room.  My starting point was the paint color and the poem we had painted on her walls when we moved into the house on her first birthday.

I wrote the poem and it reads: 

The Day is over it's time for bed
Before I rest my sleepy head...
I pray to God in Heaven above
to bless me and everyone I love.

You can use it if you want but be sure to send me a HUGE royalty check.  

I found a chandelier on sale at a local home store that was going out of business and quickly grabbed it...  I thought it would "sophisticate" the room right up. 

We already had a Pottern Barn Kids lamp.  I dressed it up with some fancy ribbon.   Just hot glued it around the inside of the lamp shade to make it more special.

How do you know an 8 year old girl lives in a room?  Because there are more purses and Justice items than she can possibly use.  This is what you see when you enter the room...  There is a small alcove where the door opens..  The closet is behind that wall there with her name on it.

And above the wall is the morning poem...  The sun is up it's time to play.  I thank you God for this new day.  I'd like to think (since her bed is facing this) that she wakes up joyfully every morning but I did mention that she was 8, right?

This sweet little footstool was made by our fabulous and crafty babysitter.  She took a Target white step stool and painted it to match Shaylin's room.

And......  Here is the shot of everything put together.....

No - wait - I had to reshoot that because the baskets were catty whumped.  Here you go.

Better.  The bed, duvet cover, pillow, butterfly wall decor and side table are all pottery barn Teen.  I wanted to buy something that would have a little longevity.   The baskets under the bed were the best purchase EVER - Pottery Barn Kids storage baskets from my nursery and I have them all over the house.

In the corner opposite the bed is this cute storage armoire.  It is a lifesaver for keeping her room neat because she throws everything in there.  Tomorrow we are going to organize it together.

The armoire was originally painted yellow and blush for the nursery - we changed the color to pink to use in her room.  You can see the original color (and a sneak peak of what the nursery looked like) below.  

At the foot of the bed is a little bookcase.....  Definitely needs to be styled.

I bought that bookcase from Target for like nothing and it was the best buy ever.  I have one in each of my girls rooms.

This is the newest addition to the room.  She wanted a place to do her homework and moved the kids craft table into her room.  She loves organizing it but I don't think I have seen her actually do any homework there yet.

And THAT, my friends, is THAT.  Now,  I get to head upstairs and find the little one in that bed and kiss her goodnight.


  1. Shannon, I love your daughter's room. The painting on the walls are just the sweetest prayers! I'm sure your daughter will love this room for many years!! Look forward to seeing the rest of the rooms in your home.

    1. Thanks Lisa!!! Come visit and see it in person! S.

  2. Beautiful!!! The entire room is just perfect!

    @ Creatively Living

    1. Thanks Katie - I appreciate the comment! Have a great weekend. S.

  3. Oh Shannon I see your invite above. One day I just may take you up on that sweet invitation!! I wanted to say thanks for linking up to SweetTalkin' Sunday and to see if you saw the post that you were featured from last weeks linky party. Here's the link in case you missed it.

  4. Oh I love this room - everything is so pretty. I'm a new follower.
    Take care Nat

    1. Natalie - Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - I so appreciate the feedback! I'm sorry about your boy's leg... how is he doing? S.