Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Inspired Decoupage Table

I have a confession.

I am not a true crafter.

I am a copy crafter. 

I can do crafts that I see other people do but am not so good at coming up with things on my own.  Don't judge.

Yesterday I read Today's Creative Blog and knew instantly that I had to copy her craft idea.  I knew because, I too, had a table with a big ugly spot in the middle that I wanted to hide.

I planned to research a cute pattern and find the perfect paper but I made a fatal mistake.  I told my 8 year old what I wanted to do and she had the table downstairs, cleaned and sanded before I could say decoupage.  She picked out the paper and the butterflies and went to town.

Needless to say, I have no before pictures because I was trying to make dinner and she was trying to make new furniture.  We got this far in the project before my dear sweet husband said, "take pictures"!  We tore small pieces of sky paper.... 

Then we painted Modge Podge on the tabletop  and on the back of the paper and laid them down hap-haphazardly.

No rhyme or reason - just all over.

I left a little overhang over the side of the table because I wanted a rough look...  I went back after it dried and sanded the paper down around the edges.  It's uneven and fun.   

Then I printed out a 800 font size "S" - this happens to be Times New Roman and used it as a stencil for this pretty butterfly paper.  We modge podged on the S and the butterfly's and left it to dry for the night.  

After she went to sleep I added a little more paper to the drawer - just for fun.  She woke up to a nice surprise!!!

Now my 6 year old wants to do her table....  I'm not sure what  have started in my house but it is super fun! 


  1. Oh Shannon that is precious!!! I miss my boys wanting to do crafty stuff with me. I'll have to wait on grandkids now. Love the table!!

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