Sunday, March 4, 2012

25 Random Things

25 Random Things about me

1. My first name is Elizabeth.
2. I am committed to staying home with my kids because I think it is the best thing for them - even though I am not the perfect mother and even though I miss having time to develop my personal skills and capabilities.
3. I really would like to be a professional speaker at some point in my future life but since I had kids so late in life I wonder if that will happen for me.  The economy is not helping either.  Really.
4. I love cake.
5. I have a signed picture of Lindsay Wagner from the days I was a fan of Bionic Woman. No, that wasn't last year.  I was like - 12.
6. My kids watch too much TV. When you know every episode of Dora, Diego, Wonder Pets, Little Einsteins, Scooby Doo, Franklin, Little Bear, and Caillou,  you know your kids watch too much TV AND that you need to find new shows.
7. I love getting the mail every day. Really - I rush to the mailbox.
8. I am grateful to my parents for giving me the chance to develop a spiritual life. be a part of a community of faith and knowledge of a life as a Christ follower.
9. I really love cake.
10. Shopping for groceries is OK but putting them up is a whole other issue.
11. Airfares are priced entirely too high between California and either of my parents' homes.
12. I love and respect my husband and the work that he does for our family but am not very good at saying that enough.
13. If I could have dinner with any number of famous people I would pick Dr. Laura, Jillian Michaels, Tiger Woods, Oprah, Scott Hamilton, Andre Agassi and Ronald Reagan - not that that any of those folks would actually talk to each other.
14. I highly suspect my more liberal friends will sneer at my choice of dinner companions.
15. Actually, I am pretty darn surprised that my more liberal and Obama loving friends have resisted the urge to ream me for my somewhat Obama critical status updates on facebook.
16. My favorite cake is grocery store white cake with white butter cream frosting. Lots of frosting.
17. There are parts of my life as a younger woman that I really miss. There are also parts that I would prefer not to remember.
18. I look at my kids at night and am awed by their spirit. I pray, more than anything that I pray, for the ability to raise them in a way that allows them to become all that God intended them to be.
19. I really think Carrie Underwood has great legs and would pay a small fortune to have mine look like that.   They might have, for one day, when I was like - 12.
20. The most carefree, rewarding, challenging and fun times of my life were in college and when I had my government accounts position at Nextel. Loved those days!
21. I am simultaneously proud and sad that I live so far from my parents.
22. I have an incredibly blessed life.
23. I have incredibly great friends.
24. I spend too much time on blogging but appreciate that it provides me some balance in my life. Even if it is "mental candy", it is better than laundry, cleaning and cooking 24/7.
25. If I knew I was going to have one last meal, I would go to South Carolina and eat on the beach - champagne, fresh oysters and shrimp, a good steak with a great salad and, yes, for dessert I would eat cake.

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