Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Summary 3/4/2012

My mind is spinning.  I am on enthusiasm overload - the very thing for which I criticize my 8 year old daughter.  But a week with a bad cold provided me ample time this week to relax and surf the web - or more appropriately -  blogland.  I am overwhelmed with the variety and fascinated by all that I am learning while trying to maintain some semblance of a clean house.  Below are some things that stood out to me this week.

1.  So, this is where all the Christians are.  In a world where I believe Christianity is under attack, I have been surprised at the preponderance of faith based blogs and women of faith gathering together via the world of blogging.  It's wonderful to see yet I yearn for more.  Like seeing us band together for change in some way more significant than saving money on groceries or making a better modge podge magnet.  I feel a stirring to try to reach out in a way that makes a radical impact in our country.  I don't know how to do that but the stirring, none the less, is there.

2.  Finally, I found some blog tutorials that are helpful!  It was probably just me but after two months of struggling I finally found some blog tutorial sites that have been incredibly informative to me Bloggin with Amy and Crafterminds.  If I had only googled "how to create and install a favicon on Blogger" the first day I began blogging then I could have saved so much time.  But, of course, earlier I had no idea what a favicon was.  This week I was able to make a blog button and improve my header.  I am also working on that favicon.

3.  I also linked to my first linky parties...  Which seems to be like that old Faberge commercial.....

I tell two friends and they tell two friends - only I post on this party and they post on my party and I post on their friends party about the first party.  It may be that there are only like ten blog posts in the whole universe they are just reposted on every blog out there.    By the way, this is the best linky party list I have found so far.... 

4.  The "most random post of the week award" goes to .....  drumroll please.....  24 Unusual uses for Butter from Wisebread.  Actually, very interesting blog.  See why my head is spinning? 

5.   I believe I have reached maximum capacity for blogs delivered to my inbox.  I have made myself delete one blog for every new one I sign up for.....  I have not yet decided if there is a better way for me to read blogs.  I happen to love email and use it as my daily to do list...  So I keep my inbox empty.  Unfortunately,  I keep being drawn to the to-dos on the computer and neglecting my other life to-dos.  Although I did get dinner on the table 5 nights out of 7 this week...  And one night we ate at a friends.  Not bad!

6.  How does anyone online get their house clean enough to take a "home tour" photo.  For me, It might take a month as I could get one area clean but while I was taking photos the kids would destroy the other areas of the house.  Still, that might be a fun project for me.

7.  I haven't yet succumbed to the passion for pinterest but I did find a great article that suggests some fun ways to organize your boards....  But I can't remember which of the zillion bloggers I follow to credit for it.  Almost makes me want to enter the hot waters of pinterest controversy.  This reminds me of my college days when I used to have a three ring binder of all my inspirations.  Now, I just get to do it online. 

8.  I spent some time thinking (inspired by blogging with Amy's article) about my passion and what should my niche be for a blog.  I don't think I'm crafty enough to hit a homerun in that department even though I love it.  I am passionate about politics, bringing respect back to the art of homemaking, and business ( I used to be very good at it - might still be if I wasn't committed to making sure my family gets fed a decent meal every night).  Praying that somehow I can find a way to combine my passions into a perspective that resonates and makes an impact. 

That's the Sunday Summary.  Love to all.

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