Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tomato Cream Sauce and Ravioli

Florabel was my grandmother.  Yes, F-l-o-r-a-b-e-l.   And her last game was McGoogan.  Florabel McGoogan Lee was a saint God rest her sweet soul.  She was famous for her "meat and threes" as we would call them...  She made a "supper" every day (which was actually at lunch time) with meat and three veggies.  And cornbread.  And sweet tea.  I'm getting hungry thinking about it.

At my house most nights I cook at least a meat and two...  But when I am crunched for time I fall back on Tomato Cream Sauce and Costco Ravioli (never leave the store without it)!

Here's the 20 minute meal.  

Take a skillet and drizzle a little olive oil around it to coat the pan.  Turn it on medium-high and add a diced yellow or white onion.  Cook that onion down for a coupla minutes.  Throw in some minced or finely diced garlic if you feel like it.  Salt and pepper are always welcome at some point in a dish.

Then add the tomatoes.  I use cherry tomatoes, compari tomatoes, red vine tomatoes - whatever  I have in the house.  If I am feeling fancy I will peel them but most times I throw them in, peel and all.  Below, I just happened to throw in big and little tomatoes -  I don't discriminate.  

This is an important step... Let those babies cook a while until they get all mushy and goopy.
But first, if you like a little heat, throw in some red pepper flakes and oregano.

See, lots of mush.  Yum.  Now it's time for the good stuff.

Half and half, cream, I've used milk when I've HAD to - but pour it in.  Stir to combine and let that the goodness begin.  Make it to the consistency you like - thicker or thinner.

Looks YUMMY!!!  About this time you can cook the ravioli.  I put the big heaping pot of water on the stove at the same time I start the sauce so it is ready when I am.

Most of my family likes the grilled chicken and mozzerela triangles.  My baby preferrs the three-cheese tortellini.  Sometimes I cook both kids in the same pot.  Horrors.

Put out the ravioli, top with sauce and dazzle with fresh grated parmesean.

Whole dish - takes me MAYBE 20 minutes.  Call me crazy - but that is healthier and speedier than driving to McDonalds and back.    If you want to be fancy, add my "go-to" salad with it so you get some greens with your dinner.  Now that is some southern talk. 


P.S. I know, my photography needs some work.  Except for that first picture where the puff of steam was actually captured on film digital image.  Any have an old decent camera they want to donate to a good home? 

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  1. Shannon,

    That looks absolutely delicious! this looks so easy and my family will love it. Now I wished I had grabbed some tomatoes when I was at the grocery store, earlier :)

    Have a great weekend!