Monday, January 2, 2012

Home Education

January 1st, 2012.  Christmas clean up. Kids playing outside.  Searching for the best blog name.

I'm from the south.  33 years I spent in the south at Christmas so imagine my confusion the first Christmas I spent in California and went for a hike on Christmas eve in short pants and a tank top.  It just seemed wrong.  This year was deja vu for me of that first Christmas - we broke down our Christmas decorations in 80 degree weather.  Craziness.  Just so you know,  that didn't stop me from putting a log in the fireplace during the dismantling....  Some things I am not willing to sacrifice.

Our mantle - - returned to its non-Christmas glory.

I love working with my husband.  He is a get it done kind of guy and we flat got a lot of work done in a short period of time.  The living room is perfect from top to bottom (floors scrubbed, carpets dusted, walls wiped) and while we were at it we cleaned out some of the garage and cabinets.  You know, as long as we were at it.

The hardwoods got a few scratches on them during the tree removal process...  Never fear - almond stick and Minwax were here to fix that problem in a jiffy.

It was great hearing the kids playing all day outside.  They have friends across the street and the kids come and go between the two houses like they are one.  Fabulous.

During the day, my husband and I tossed around various ideas for naming the blog (did I mention I love working with him? )  I wanted something that reflected the honor of working as a homemaker....  My husband thinking I needed something hip and interest getting. We were educated on the use of the name "home" and "house" in every phrase, quote and song we could find online  This is what we have for now - "Women Make Homes".  It may not stick but it is the theme of the blog...  Men make houses, Women make Homes.  What an incredible blessing to have that opportunity to make a home for our family.  I LOVE IT!

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