Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blogging is like losing weight....

It sounds so good but in actuality it is awfully hard to do. It's also all the rage these days... Everyone has a blog. Food blogs, business blogs, family news blogs. It's like one ore thing I have to do in order to say I am at least as productive as my average friends. It's not that I don't want to blog... I do - but in a pioneer woman ridiculously successful kind of way and, let's face it, my average of one blog a year for the past five years is not going to win me a food network show, a spot on Oprah or a visit with Matt Lauer. And it's not just wiring! Now you have to add photos, videos, links to your other favorite blog sites... Reminds me of my old account executive days when I used to go to leads groups and share leads with other sales folks in hopes our their customer could be my customer.

So, here's to increasing the blogging activity - to being inspired by a few other bloggers. Here's to using the time I'm gaining this fall when both kids are in school for something other than Bon bons and Internet shopping. Here's to finding a little bit more of me through a little bit more of my blog.

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