Sunday, March 15, 2009

So few days left of this kind of love

Three years and three months old she is. An independent, do it herself, "put me down" kind of kid. Not so many hugs and kisses - more grins and complete sentences that thrill my heart.

Never in my midnight feeding days did I think the day would come when a middle of the night wake-up was something to anticipate.

But tonight, my little girl crying in the night got lifted up in my arms and she rested her head on my shoulder, her arms hanging limp over my back. I rubbed her head, shushed her cries, and rocked back and forth from side to side while my heart ached and rejoiced at the opportunity to have this angel in my arms. As I placed her back in her grown-up bed I watched her settle in the covers - immediately kicking them off as she is prone to do. Grabbing her blankie and nuzzling it - first the rough side then turning to the smooth side. one hand holding the blankie on her cheek and the other grabbing a corner. she started breathing deeply again her eyes fluttering and settling down into a deep sleep. I kissed her hand - her still toddler looking chubby and beautiful hand - and got misty eyed at the thought of the days to come - all too soon - of my angel being so big I won't able to hold her so easily.

Oh, a joyous thing that sense of connection and love for your little one. So few days left of this kind of love but many more days to come with love of a bigger girl kind.

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  1. They do grow up so quickly. Definitely cherish these times. :-)