Friday, March 2, 2012

My first blog post in 1996

 For the next few days I will be posting some blog posts that I imported from an old blog...  And subsequently deleting that blog so that my Google accounts don't keep getting intertwined!  This is from 1996!  Look at that cute girl in the picture below - and this is one from her now with her sweet younger sister. 

Hello all - just working to figure out how this blog thing works... Perhaps this is an easy way for us to post pictures and keep everyone updated on the Smith Clan - in particular Shaylin and Sheridan. Today we had a great day going to Toni and Ryan's house for playdate this morning and then we went to the waterpark with Daddy this afternoon. Shaylin loves the waterpark and takes a cup and throws water on everyone saying "I splash you, I splash you". She cried when the lifeguards took their safety break but quickly recovered by dragging me to the showers and making me turn the auto faucets on every ten seconds. "This one, this one" and occasionally I got " this one please".

More tomorrow as we have family coming into town and will for sure have pictures!

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