Wednesday, January 4, 2012


1.4.12 - Desk work, desk work, cross-fit, desk work.

Today was a day of catching up at my desk and getting all the nitty gritty things done that plague you.  Bills, calling about questions on bills, canceling accounts, setting up accounts and trying to renew a some gift cards that were lost by Shaylin. (note to self: 8 years old is not quite old enough to be responsible for your own gift cards).   I would let it go as a lesson for her but I am too cheap to let $50 go.  Even if it was $50 to Toys R Us and Michaels.

I have also spent a lot of time subscribing to other blogs...  Now that I have been focused on the blogging world it is overwhelming researching the "blog business".  I am comforted by just posting simple things at this time and not worrying about getting it right.  I'm giving myself a couple months learning curve before I tell anyone I'm actually "doing this".  :)  SO MUCH TO LEARN!

By the way,  I am trying my hardest to get back in shape after too much christmas cheer....  When your work out clothes start to be uncomfortable you know you have eaten way too much.

Good night!

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