Monday, February 20, 2012

hairstyle and blogging 102 - how to link

hairstyleI've been a bit stymied with my blogging lately because the research for blogging has been too much fun.  So many fun blogs to read and learn about.  So - my blogging is going to consist of linking to other sites that I have found and love.

One problem.  I don't know how to link to another site.  I'm practicing - you are my guinea pig.  No offense intended.

I really love this hairstyle.

wow - so apparently (after googling tutorial for linking to another blog site) that you can hit the link button on blogger and type in the url. 

So - that seemed to work only I need to figure out how to get the picture in....

 Well - third times, a charm. Again googling tutorial for how to link to another blog picture you can hit the image button in blogger and paste in the URL for the photo you want to link to.  Only it didn't work the first two times I tried it.

So, thanks for learning with me.  By the way, something tells me this might be my "starter" blog.  When I learn how to do this for real I can start an adult, serious, professional and oh, so perfect blog.  Or not. 

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