Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blogging 201

So today I'm experimenting with blogging from my mobile device... I use an iPhone. Blogger has a handy
Dandy app that apparently you can use- I'm on that right now. Won't tell you what I'm doing while I blog but let's say I have a little time on my hands while I'm in a sitting position . I know, TMI.

I just attached a picture from my photo roll. It's not very relevant but as I said, I'm experimenting.

Looks like I can also take a picture during my posting which is helpful for....I'm not sure what but here is a pic of my wall...

And there is a current location button which I programmed for my current location... Will that say my city or give away my room location?

Ok- the only other button I can hit is publish so here goes nothing!!!

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