Tuesday, January 24, 2012

how to subscribe 101

What I have learned so far about blogging:

It's easier to do an instructional blog than a writing blog.  How-to's are less revealing than heartfelt.

I think of a million things during the day to blog about and by nighttime I have forgotten the all.

I may be overdoing my "research" - I have more blogs to read now than I have time to read.

Do you know how to subscribe to a blog?  It's easy - just his the RSS button and you can subscribe via a reader - like Google reader - where all your blogs are stored in one easy place.  I prefer to subscribe to a blog and received it in my email box.  Most blogs have a subscribe by email button or you can access that option under the RSS feed button.

You can also follow on twitter or facebook - but then you have to click the link to access the blog and my rules of organization would say that is not "efficient". 

Now that you know how, how bout subscribing to me?


1 comment:

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