Sunday, January 8, 2012

10 Things Never to Start with Your Kids

  1. Never let them know they can have the red cup instead of the yellow cup if they ask.
  2. Never take them out of bed in the middle of the night.  They can go back to sleep if you comfort them in the crib - really.  Trust me on this. 
  3. Never respond if they yell at you from another room.  Unless, of course you are yelling back at them not to yell at you. 
  4. Don't, just don't, let them eat in the car.  I know, it seems like an impossible task but unless you want your back seat to turn into a human petri dish then just don't. 
  5. Don't give in - even one time - to the request for something at the Grocery store.  "It's not on the list", "We buy what we need, not what we want" and "NO" are my favorite sayings at Albertsons. 
  6. While I'm on it, never give in to the begging.  The one time you change your mind after they say please is all they will remember and you will have a lifetime of begging to endure from then on.
  7. At night, read a book, say a prayer, give a kiss, turn around to leave and DO NOT GO BACK.  It will start a pattern you will regret the rest of your living days.  My kids think "good night" means ask mom another question quick before she gets to the door so she doesn't have to leave. 
  8. My opinion on television - it is something that kids do that prevents them from doing something worthwhile.  So, only if you want them in the habit of being worthless should you start the TV watching.  It's a hard and difficult road to travel but one that is SO worth it in the long run. 
  9. When they start school - don't start helping them with homework.  You deprive them of the opportunity to learn responsibility and confidence from doing it themselves.  And after you help one time, they will all of a sudden be incapable of doing any assignment themselves at any time in the future. 
  10. Last but not least, never start warming up their milk, cutting off their crusts, or "specializing" their food.  Unless you want to be a short order cook the rest of your child-rearing days.  In our house - You get what you get AND you DON'T throw a fit.

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